DCA - Hyperion TheaterDLR - Disneyland Resort California

The lights go out, the curtain goes up.

In this massive theatre, DCA provides you with a Broadway-style show you will remember for years!

After 'Step in Time' and 'The Power of Blast!', Aladdin and his friends took the stage and told their story in an amazing show from 2003 till 2016.

After this 13 year long successful run, warm Agrabah became cold Norway, when Anna and Elsa took residence in this theatre and 'Frozen-live at the Hyperion' started to be performed, starting from May 2016. This show closed abruptly when the parks closed their doors because of covid, and hasn't reopened yet.

But we are sure that in the near future, guests will be able to enjoy a memorable performance in this beautiful theatre!

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