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Welcome to the world of Science Fiction. Of a future we once dreamed of but will never be reality. Of flying to the moon and beyond, but also of going on an adventure through the ocean, time and space.

In this land, the Imagineers took the ideas of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Leonardo Da Vinci and George Lucas but made it their own, for all to enjoy. 

In Discoveryland you can fly into space in 'Star Tours-The Adventures Continue', 'Orbitron' and 'Space Mountain' or visit strange planets and fight robots in 'Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast'. Travel through different Disney worlds in 'Mickey's Philharmagic', go into the debts of the ocean with the 'Nautilus', or ride the cars of the future in 'Autopia'.

Do you need a little break? Enjoy a burger in 'Hyperion Café' while watching a show in 'Videopolis'.

You see: there is enough to do to spend some hours in the future that never was! Have fun!


  • Are you in Discoveryland, but you have a fastpass for a Fantasyland ride in 5 minutes? During evening hours you can enjoy a short walkway that link both lands. Just have a look at the entrance of Discoveryland station!
  • Some surprise meet and greets can be found close to the entrance of Star Tours!


  • Discoveryland has the most rides in the park that got an update: Space Mountain, Star Tours, Discoveryland Theatre got one or two updates of the rides. And Buzz Lightyear now fights Zurg where once Timekeeper met Jules Vernes in Visionarium.

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