Monica Rambeau

Other names:
'Lieutenant Trouble (as a kid by Capt. Marvel)'
'Captain Rambeau'


Monica Rambeau starts with her mom, the late Captain (Maria) Rambeau. Maria Rambeau was a friend of Carol Danvers. They were both pilots at an airbase of the United States Air Force.
Being close family friends, Carol got the nickname "Auntie Carol" and Carol would call Monica "Luitenant trouble". All was great until Carol went missing, only to be found by Maria after 6 years when she returned as Captain Marvel with her superpowers.
While Monica was blipped out of existence for a few years, like half the world's population, her mom died. Coming back she found this out and realised Carol was still out in space too.
Despite being left with her family gone, she grew up to be caring, kind, a great scientist and gained light-based superpowers along the way, when she encountered a witch hex during her work for S.W.O.R.D.

Main image courtesy of Coheteboy


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Interaction Tips

  • Tell Monica about your relationship with your family, Monica cares deeply for hers.
  • Ask Monica how it feels to fly, her light based superpowers allow her to do this.
  • Ask about Monica's favorite thing to do with her superpowers.

Photo Tips

  • Pose with one hand as if you are holding a ball of light in it close to your body and pose with your other hand as if you are pushing a beam of light away. Her signature move!
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