DCA - Grizzly PeakDLR - Disneyland Resort California

Discover the beauty of California in the most green part of the park: Grizzly Peak.

In the middle of these woods a gold mining company has build its operation, but nature is sure to stay alive and provide all the space and air the animals, that are living here, need. The centerpiece of this area is Grizzly Peak, a 110 foot high bear shaped mountain.

Here explorers can go on different adventures: they can try to stay dry on Grizzly River Run or try not to stay behind in the Redwook Creek Challenge trail! When the visitors are sure they've explored every inch of this area, they can go to the Grizzly Peak Airfield and take off for an amazing flight over California or even the whole world in 'Soarin' over California/the world' (this airline can change its flight schedule sometimes).

Koda, Kenai, Raya and many more Disney friends love to hang around these woods so be sure you don't miss them! They will happily say hello and meet and greet you! 

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