DLP - Au Chalet de la MarionnetteDLP - Disneyland Paris

Ready for some German inspired food? Try 'Au Chalet de la Marionette'!

The architecture of this restaurant is based on the movie 'Pinocchio'. Outside you recognize the Bavarian style of the houses in the movie, inside the interior is mostly made of wood and all of your favorite scenes from the movie can be seen! 

Did you know this same restaurant can be found in the original Disneyland in Anaheim? But beware of some changes: now the restaurant in Anaheim is rethemed to the Red Rose, Gaston's tavern from 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Have a look at the exit: here you see Figaro is giving a 'thumbs up' while sitting above the entrance. Why? In the American version of the restaurant, they had placed the exit sing off-center, with Figaro pulling the sign towards the middle. Figaro is now replaced in Anaheim with Sultan, the footstool in the Beast's castle, but Figaro is still giving his 'thumps up' in Paris!

When you exit this restaurant, try to take the side entrance: you will see it has a completely different theme: the shipwrecked boat of Pinocchio and Gepetto. With this trick the restaurant also found its home in Aventureland (where you are now).

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