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Welcome to the land of fairytales, of knights and princesses, and all your favorite Disney stories. Here Disney films are coming to live. Here you can travel to Never Land, Wonderland and Pleasure Island, or explore the frightening forest of Snow White. And don't forget to explore the skies with Dumbo!

You start your fantasy adventure through the beautiful castle of Aurora and a medieval castle courtyard before you go and explore a dream world that replicate European countries, but also emphasizes fantasy elements that are truly Disney. Visit Bavaria, Italy, England, Holland and Belgium, while walking through a wonderful maze, spinning a teacups and spying a dragon. And be sure to visit 'It's A Small World', so you even can go around the world!

Here the Disney characters are home, and are happy to meet and greet you. Meet Mickey and the Disney Princesses in their own area, but don't be surprised if you see other Disney friends roaming this land. 

Fantasyland is the place where fairytales come true. Explore and have an amazing time!

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