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When Disneyland Paris opened in 1992, Discoveryland offered its guests a portal to the futuristic worlds of Jules Vernes and H.G. Wells. But did you know that during the first years of the park you could meet (well, in a kind of way) these two Europeans visionaries?

In 'Le Visionarium - From Time to Time', guests met Timekeeper, a robot who wants to show them his new time machine. With the help of this partner Nine-Eye and a giant 360° circle-vision movie theatre, guests could explore the history of our earth. 

Timekeeper took them to see dinosaurs, the making off the Mona Lisa, a concert of Mozart and much more. When they arrived at the World's Fair of 1900, Nine-Eye is spotted by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. When Nine-Eye tries to escape to the present time, she accidentally takes Jules Verne with her. After a quick trip through the '90s and even the future, Jules arrives back at the fair, changed in his visions for life.

Timekeeper, Nine-Eye and Jules made their final journey on september 4th 2004 to make way for a well-know galactic spaceranger from Star Command. Buzz Lightyear made this place his new home, and is now asking guests to help him fight the evil emperor Zurg in 'Buzz Lightyear Laster Blast'.

But one special visitor stayed behind: Nine-Eye is still keeping an eye on all the visitors. Be sure to catch her hiding in the first scene of the ride!

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