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Located at the end of Discovery Arcade and close to Discoveryland, this place is best known as a buffet restaurant. Legend has it that this restaurant was the first building of Main Street USA. Opened in 1861, this culinary place attracted a lot of people. When a railroad was built close to the restaurant, the entire town flourished. The look of the restaurant is very similar to Plaza Inn at Disneyland Anaheim. It’s Victorian style, with some stained glasses and large murals, who tell the story of Main Street, show us the prosperity of it's golden age.

Close to the restaurant, in the Plaza Gardens, favorite Disney Characters can surprise guests for a nice meet and greet. But if you want to have a special experience, you better book your breakfast, lunch or diner at the Plaza Gardens Restaurant. While enjoying your meal, some great Disney Friends will come to your table to welcome you in the restaurant!

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