DLP - Spider-Man W.E.B. AdventureDLP - Disneyland Paris

Spider-Bots on the run!

When Peter Parker, a WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade) engineer at their Parisian headquarter, gets in trouble when a Spider-Bot he invented starts to replicate itself endlessly, he 'calls for help' to Spider-Man.

Together with our Spidey friend, you try to catch as much Spider-Bots as you can using a new WEB-engineering marvel: a WEB-Slinger. 

With this technology, you travel through the entire Avenger Campus while catching all the Bots! Let's hope you and Spider-Man survive this chaos before Mr. Stark finds out! 

If you can get out of this alive, Spider-Man is more than happy to thank you outside the building with some amazing stunts and a meet and greet!

So... good luck!

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