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Tony Stark needs your help!

The world is in danger, but the Avengers are ready to defend our planet from all the evil that is attacking it. But they can use more help. So Tony Stark decided to open three Headquarters around the work: in Paris, California and Hong Kong. Stark used his fathers old 'Stark Industries' sites for his new bases and now we can visit it to become their newest recruits.

Help Peter Parker to stop the mess his Spiderbots are making, or fly into space with Iron Man and Captain Marvel! Black Widow, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy can also use your help against Task Master.

Do you think you need more energy after all these heroic actions? Don't worry: the Campus provides a lot of restaurants and snack stands so you won't stay hungry for long. 

Your favorite Marvel heroes love to roam along, so be sure to plan enough time in this area or you might miss an Avenger or two.

Avengers Campus is one of the newest additions to the Walt Disney Studios and provides hours of fun for all visitors!

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