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When the Walt Disney Studios at Paris opened in 2002, guests were promised to see what happens behind the cameras in Hollywood. The best ride in this concept was 'Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic!'. 

Similar to its Florida brother 'Studio Backlot Tour' (Disney's Hollywood Studios), guests visited several movie sets: They could visit Dinotopia, a set ready to have some computer magic added, and a London set visited by a big dragon (from the movie 'Reign of Fire'), but the most spectacular part of the ride was 'Catastrophe Canyon', where an earthquake, followed my a massive fire and water spectacle, was recreated. Jeremy Irons and Irène Jacob toured the guests through all these scenes, while providing some interesting facts and figures about the magic of Hollywood!

The Walt Disney Studios Park is facing a big expansion and remodelling. On January 5th 2020, 'The Studio Tram Tour' closed its doors forever to make way for this expansion. The 'Dinotopia' and 'Reign of Fire' sets were destroyed, but 'Catastrophe Canyon' will live on in a new ride where it will be visited by our Cars-friends in 'Cars: Route 66 Road Trip'! So be ready to visit Route 66 and our friends Mater and Lightning McQueen!

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