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Videopolis Theater is Discoverylands big restaurant. Ready for a burger? Then you are in the right place! Go for a good lunch or dinner at the Hyperion café and have a seat in the theatre. If you're lucky there is even a show going on to entertain you while you eat.

The name 'Hyperion' reminds us of the Hyperion Street, where Walt Disney had his first animation studio. 

Several incredible productions were staged in this theatre, like "Disney Classics - The Music and the Magic', 'Mulan-the Legend' and 'The Legend of the Lion King'. Nowadays it is the playground for Disney Performing Arts OnStage.


  • Check the entertainment programme or the Disneyland Paris app to see when the stage is taken for some amazing shows!


  • This building was first envisioned for Discovery Bay, a concept for a new Disneyland themed land, that never was build.

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