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Welcome to the Pixar Place Hotel!

This is the ideal place to spend a night in the worlds of Pixar. After an exciting day in the Disney Parks, Woody, Buzz, Joy, Miguel and all your other Pixar friends will give you a kiss goodnight in the newest hotel of the Disneyland Resort.

'Newest' but not really a new hotel in the area: this hotel opened in 1984 as 'Emerald hotel of Anaheim'. In 1995 Disney bought the hotel ad changed it name to 'Disneyland Pacific Hotel', but when Disney's California Adventure opened, it got a new name: 'Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel'.

From 2024 on, it is the place to be immersed in the famous stories of the Pixar movies we all know and love. Have a swim in the Finding Nemo swimpool, buy that new merchandise in the STOR-E or enjoy a good lunch or dinner in one of the three themed restaurants.

It is also thé place to meet old en new Pixar friends. Woody, Jessie and more characters we all know and love will be joined by new friends like Joe Gardner (Soul) or Bing Bong (Inside Out). Be sure to pay them a visit before you start a new Pixar adventure in your dreams.

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