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Welcome in Adventureland, where the Middle East and Africa are telling amazing stories about Aladdin, Mowgli, Peter Pand and many more. 

Go on a archeological exploration with Indiana Jones, or go back in time when pirates were threatening the Caribbean. Explore the various caves, walkways and even a house in a tree, or enjoy a good lunch, dinner or snack in the different restaurants and kiosks.

Here Nature took over and everyday adventurous stories will be told. 

Ahy, Maties! Let's go on an adventure!


  • Try some amazing themed snacks and food, like Hakuna chicken strips and the sandwich falafel.


  • Did you know that the original 'Adventureland' in Disneyland Anaheim was based on the 'True-Life Adventures' series? You can find some of the episodes on Disney+ !

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