DLP - Pirates of the CaribbeanDLP - Disneyland Paris

Set sail for a trip to the Caribbean in this iconic Disney attraction!

Inspired by the original 1967 version of Disneyland Anaheim, guests go back in time to meet Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa and a bunch of swashbuckling pirates!

Don't be frightened by the dangerous look of the fort in front of you and go on an adventure. Sitting in a boat you pass the interior of the 'Captain Jack's' restaurant before entering a dilapidated fortress. After visiting the dungeon of this building, you go down a waterfall and arrives in the middle of a battle between pirates and soldiers. 

We enter a village where pirates are plundering and where Captain Jack Sparrow is secretly planning his next list. What happens next is for you to discover, but be sure you will know what a pirates life can be!

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