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Welcome to the world of 1001 Arabian Nights. 

The Adventureland Bazar takes us to the exotic Middle East with its legends and genies. Here you can visit Aladdin and recall his adventure with Jafar in a small walk through corridors. Or find some amazing merchandise in the various small shops of the bazar.

Do you like special themed food? Then the Agrabah Café will be the perfect place to be! With its oriental food offerings you will have a perfect lunch or dinner hidden in small Arabian streets. And before you go on your next adventure, be sure to have a good look up above you. The weather vanes show you some of the Characters of the famous tales of Shaharazade. And try to find the giant egg the Rock Bird (known from Sindbad's travels) left there. 

Aladdin, Genie and all of their friends like to roam around here to meet you and have a great time together! Be sure to say hi to them before they go on another great adventure!

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