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Welcome to Wonderland!

In this incredible maze, you walk in the footsteps of Alice while you try not to loose your way (or your head!). The Imagineers tried to make a maze that wasn't too easy or too difficult, and they succeeded.

Once you go down the rabbithole, you explore Tulgey wood where you meet some special characters, including (if you can find him) the Cheshire Cat. Before you know it, you shrink to the size of a caterpillar and do a dance with the strangest sea creature you will ever meet. 

Those who are extra adventurous, can try to sneak into the castle of the Queen of Hearts. But beware: her servants are looking for you! Even the Queen can't wait to cut off your head! 

Did you know that the castle once had a slide? Kids who had climbed the castle could slide their way down. Unfortunately the Queen (and the King) decided to close the slide.

Still with your head on? Try to hold on to it while visiting Mad Hatter's Tea Cups: it's close to the exit of the Labyrinth! And keep an eye open: sometimes Alice and her Wonderland friends can be seen near the entrance of this incredible maze! But did she go this way or that way?


  • Be sure to keep your eyes open when passing by the labyrinth, as Alice and her friends might be in for a surprise meet and greet!
  • Go and run the Caucus-race! Did you know you can rotate the Dodo Bird? Try to move the rock he is standing on!
  • Hot day in the park? Visit the labyrinth and enjoy the hidden water fountains in the Caucus-Run and the Tulgey Wood!


  • During the first year of operating, kids could slide down from the top of the Queen's castle. Due to safety issues, the slide was removed after one year.

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