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It's time for the best Spaghetti in the world: Welcome to 'Bella Notte'!

This restaurant, inspired by the famous spaghetti scene from 'Lady and the Tramp', can be found in Fantasyland, close to 'It's a Small World'. Take a look at the exterior and interior: it looks strange, right?

It seems like the building has been built a little diagonally and seems to live. The Imagineers decided to go freely on the restaurant, and not to use the normal building procedure but to try introducing the 'squash and stretch' animation technique. In animation this is used to redistribute mass in an animated character or object, but you hardly notice it, as it goes so quickly (24 pictures in a second). With a building, the picture you see is frozen and this technique makes it more animated. Other examples you find in 'Bella Notte' of this are the pillars, that look as if they are dancing a tarantella.

If you decide to have your lunch or dinner outside, you can easily notice the beautiful patio of the terrace. It's made of an old mosaic, made by Mary Blair (famous for her work on 'It's a Small World'), that used to be seen in Tomorrowland in the original Disneyland. 

But now time to enjoy your meal!

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