DLP - Cinemagique TheatreDLP - Disneyland Paris

A trip through the amazing history of the movies! While The Walt Disney Studios didn't have a ride like 'The Great Movie Ride', you could experience one of the most amazing shorts ever: Cinémagique.

When guest George interrupts an old black and white movie, he suddenly gets transported inside the screen! In his search to find a way out, our hero (together with the audience) goes on a spectacular journey through the history of Hollywood while finding the love of his live, Marguerite! 

With the use of special effects (including lights, air and water), guests relived their favorite moments from 'Titanic', 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', 'The Wizard of Oz' and many more movie classics.

In March 2017, George made his final journey and is now happy with Marguerite in the realm of the movies! We hope to see him again, because you never know the magic that might happen in the movie theatres!

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