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Rainy days or not, a visit to Discovery Arcade is always a good idea. This arcade is at the East Side of Main Street, closest to Discoveryland, and is full of great inventions from the past.
This collection, full of miniatures from old inventions that are exhibited in the arcade, has a big history. Originated in the Act to Promote Useful Arts in 1790 in Washington, the collection was sold, destroyed or given away in 1907. In the 70’s, rich people started to collect the old miniatures again, and now you can find 52 of them in the Arcade.

Take a look at pillars and find a tribute to one of the biggest inventors that ever lived: Leonardo Da Vinci. Do you want to know how we could have lived in the imagination of the Main Street inhabitants? Have a watch at the futuristic posters hanging around the arcade and dream of what could have been. And when you’re done, it’s time to pay a visit to that future by entering Discoveryland.

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