DLP - La Cabane des RobinsonDLP - Disneyland Paris

Adventureland has a lot of famous habitants. You easily can see Aladdin, Captain Hook or Jack Sparrow walking around, but did you know that a complete family took residence in one of the biggest trees of the area?

The Swiss Family Robinson arrived years ago after sailing in a big storm. Their ship is now unfortunately a wreck, but the family didn't panick and used parts of their boat to build their new house in Adventure Isle. Using a big tree in the middle of Adventureland, they made it a cosy home with a kitchen, some sleeping rooms and a wonderful lookout.

As the family is always looking for new adventures and is never at home, they're more than happy to open their house for all guests to visit. With the use of a big staircase, you can visit all their rooms and even go to the upper part of the tree. From there you have some unique views on Adventureland and all the lands of Disneyland Park.

Be sure to take your binoculars with you: you might be able to see The Eiffel Tower, standing in the middle of Paris! How is this even possible in the middle of the jungle? Well, you know that wonders do happen at Disneyland!

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