DLP - Moteurs...Action!DLP - Disneyland Paris

No Hollywood movies without spectacular stunts!

'Moteurs...Action! Stunt Show Spectacular' took the audience behind the scenes of some amazing stunts! Race cars, fires, water, and much more... guests could see those stunts right before their eyes, but there was more!

After each stunt, the crew took you behind the scenes and explained how the stunts were made. How can a stunt performer catch fire and still be alive? How can a race car ride backwards? They would tell it all!

Some famous car heroes as Herbie and Lightning McQueen made guest appearances, for the enjoyment of everyone.

'Moteurs...Action!' opened with the park opening in 2002, and suddenly had its final performance on March 13th 2020, one day before the Disneyland Paris resort had to close due to the COVID-pandemic.

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