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Phantom Manor tells the story of Henry Ravenswood, the wealthy owner of the Thunder Mesa Mining Company, who owned the Big Thunder Mine. He raised a mansion out West, inspired by the architecture of San Francisco.
Mr. Ravenswood only had one problem: his daughter Melanie. Everytime Melanie fell in love, Henry didn’t approve of his son-in-law. So all of Melanies fiancées got killed in a strange, but cruel way, and it seemed Henry was always involved…

When an earthquake happened around Big Thunder Mine, Mr. Ravenswood and his wife got killed. But his spirit remained restless and he would haunt his house forever, to make sure Melanie would never marry someone who was not worthy of her.

Many stories were written about this attraction, as the ride itself, until the recent refurbishment, let the guests make up their own story, not giving them the full storyline. After the big refurbishment that ended in May 2019, the story was more outlined, giving fewer possibilities for different interpretations of the story.

One of the old storylines does remind us a lot of the new one, and can be found in the book ‘Disneyland Paris – From Sketch to Reality’:
“The magnificent splendor of the Phantom Manor interior is a reminder that the owner was still at the height of his success. The mine was thriving, and he was proud that he had a beautiful daughter. She had fallen in love and was preparing for her wedding, but her fiancé had plans to take her away from Thunder Mesa and live in another town, which enraged the young woman’s father. [ ]
The stretching portraits in the Manor’s doorless chamber depict the bride-to-be and give some telltale signs of the fate that awaited her. As for her young man, he can be found in the same chamber….Hanging by a rope. [ ] Along the way, we meet up with the bride again, along with the lord of the manor, dubbed the “Phantom”. By the end of the attraction, both the bride and the Phantom invite us to joint hem.’

After visiting this strange mansion, take a detour and explore the nearby graveyard. You could find some creepy details regarding the folks that once roamed to streets of Frontierland.

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