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Jack Skellington came from Halloweentown to surprise you with a visit. During Halloween season you can meet the Master of Fright here, and when Christmas is here Sandy Claws (who strangely enough looks a lot like Jack) comes to visit while giving you his strange and frightening gifts. 

If you can't be here during Halloween or Christmas, this place is still worth visiting as special characters comes to visit the mansion in their most frightening outfits, ready for a spooky encounter.


  • Be sure to check out the details on the Gazebo because ...


  • The most frequently visiting character of the Gazebo in the first year isn't Jack Skellington, but our mouse friend Mickey! You could already meet him here wearing some very special costumes he chose for the occasion!
  • Before Jack decided this place was ideal to greet you, he moved a bit of Halloweentown every year to Frontierland to make his presence extra special.  During the years, the set was placed on different locations in Frontierland and even got a Halloweenny Christmas Tree when Sandy Claws arrived.
  • While the Gazebo might not always have a character meet, it has also featured Photopass photographers and other surprises in the past!

Location tree

Events that took place here

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