DLR - Fantasy FaireDLR - Disneyland Resort California

A place where all the Disney Princesses are gathering, where they can meet and greet their biggest fans and retell their stories? That place is Fantasy Faire. 

Here, next to Sleeping Beauty Castle, in a place that was known as Carnation Gardens Plaza, Belle, Aurora, Anna, Elsa and all their friends love to roam and enjoy their day with songs and dance. 

In the Royal Theatre, Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones retell your favorite fairy tales, like 'Tangled' or 'Beauty and the Beast', in the most hilarious way.

Take your time to explore all of the hidden gems like 'Clopin's Music Box' or the sleeping Figaro. And when you're ready, all of your beloved princesses are waiting to meet you and have a chat!

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