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Walt's favorite part of Disneyland (although it had some changes during the years) was Fantasyland because this was the place where his animated characters could come to life.

Here you can be part of those beloved Disney classics and visit Pleasure Island, the cottage of the seven dwarves or Dumbo's circus. Fly to Neverland or drive trough London. Or visit a fairytale land with miniature houses and sail on the happiest cruise on earth. But be sure you don't wake up the Abonimable Snowman: he likes to be left alone!

Everything is possible at Fantasyland. Parades and Monorails are passing by and incredible snacks are waiting for you to discover them. One tip: don't miss the Chimichangas at Edelweiss Snack!

All your favorite Disney friends like to roam this part of the park. They love to hang around and stop to take a photo with you or hand you an autograph.

Fantasyland is a place where you can explore and have fun for hours! Don't miss this area during your next visit to Disneyland. 

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