DLR - Goofy's PlayhouseDLR - Disneyland Resort California

Surrounded by Goofy's "How to Play" Yard, Goofy's own house is a gem in Toontown.

When he heard that Toontown would receive a big refurbishment, Goofy decided that it was time to refresh his own house. Before the refurbishment, everyone knew his home as Goofy's Bounce House, where kids could bounce like Tiger. 

Max, Goofy's son, got a bit tired of the bouncing, and when his Halloween Costume (he likes to dress as Powerline) became very famous, he knew he needed more candy to treat all of his fans. So Goofy decided to make a big candy making machine to help him.

Now everyone, big and small, can visit Goofy's home and visit this giant machine. Be sure to have a look, and who knows: you might see Goofy or Max working on their Halloween preparations!

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