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Until 1999 this place was known for it's variety of different shops. Here guests could walk through small streets, like you would find in the Middle-East, and visit shops like 'L'Echoppe d'Aladin' (Aladin's Shop), 'La Reine des Serpents' (The Snake Queen) and 'Le Chant des Tam-Tams' (The Tam-Tams' Song). 

To enhance the dining offerings in the park, the place was closed and reopened as 'Agrabah Café' where you can now enjoy lunch or dinner with a Mediterranean buffet. Reservations are recommended as this Restaurant can only hold a certain amount of Guests.

Be sure to enjoy the richness of this place, with all its oriental props and several references to the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, like the various murals of Sindbad, Aladdin and Shaharazade. So when you finished your meal, don't leave yet but have a little stroll through the restaurant. It will be a visit you won't forget!

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