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EveryCharacter.com is all about Disney characters who appeared at Disney locations & events.

Meeting Disney characters can be a very magical experience. The character might be your childhood hero, or someone who has conquired a strife you are still struggling with. For other characters it might be their personality or apearance that brings joy to your heart.

However, magical experiences are not guaranteed . Meeting characters is an easy skill you can learn and get in to. A character interaction can range from a simple photo moment to a magical interaction, one you will never forget. Helping people achieve those magical moments are what inspired the start of this website.

The one, core, idea

There are a lot of character websites scattered over the web in which people blog about or post a collection of their own experiences and meets. And while these websites are amazing and there are many to be loved, the web was missing something.

The idea of everycharacter.com is to bring all Disney fans together on a transparent platform where everyone can contribute. This will ensure a real website for fans, by fans. Furthermore, this allows the website to have unlimited potential. No single person has ever met every character in every outfit. Let this place be the happy place where all characters come together.

Your seat at the table

As a group of Disney enthousiasts we strive to get each and every character, outfit, autograph and more on the website.

If you feel like the community and crowd sourcing approach of everycharacter is right up your ally; take your seat at the table and join the community that everycharacter.com is.

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